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My house in the garden, Sicily!

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Villa del Casale

The Villa Romana del Casale is located about 5km outside the town of Piazza Armerina it is the richest, largest and most complex collection of late Roman mosaics in the world. Details

Piazza Armerina

The city had to be flourishing in Roman epoch, as is testified from the splendid “Villa Romana del Casale” of the beginning of the IV century, with its floors in mosaic famous all over the world. Details


The archaeological site of Morgantina is located in east central Sicily, at 37° 26.035' N 14° 28.928' E. It is sixty kilometres (forty miles) from the coast of the Ionian Sea, in the province of Enna. The closest modern town is Aidone. Details

We, the Sicilians

are depositaries of an ancient culture, that comes from almost three thousand years of history, not yet contaminated by the modernity. An important and integral part of this heritage is the sacredness of the guest that visits our land and our house. The hospitality has to be always from friends to put you really get ease even if you are unknown.

It’s easy to be happy in Sicily because we have everything…….except the rest!
But “Giucalem” known as “La casa negli Orti” – The House in the Orchards takes its name from the members of Giuseppe’s family, his wife Meluccia and his sons Calogero and Alessandro, is totally surrounded by nature among orchards and vegetable gardens and overlooking a wood.

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Il B&B My House


Bed And Breakfast Giucalem in Sicily, in the center of the island to Piazza Armerina is a B & B with familiar management, Calogero is able to communicate in multiple languages and Mother Mary will take care of your rich Mediterranean breakfast.

And 'better for a quality stay in complete serenity and for all book well in advance, what is called walk in, to give you the opportunity to fully enjoy our pampering; because it is clear that we can organize ourselves better and achieve the targeted stays.

So dear guests, users, potential travelers eager to come to Sicily, book well in advance and you will be treated by the King even if you pay standard rates. Sicily, its sea, its mountains, its artistic beauty, waiting for you! regards Joseph

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