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My house in the garden, Sicily!

The heart of Sicily

35 Km from GiucalemThe city's name derives from the Arabic "qal'at-al-ganom" ("Castle of the Genies"). Welcome to everybody in the Heart of Sicily.

It was inhabited since pre-historical times, as attested by the presence of two necropolis dating from the second millennium BCE and by numerous other archaeological findings. It was later inhabited by the Sicels pre-Roman population..

The Arabs built here a castle, which in 1030 was attacked by Ligurian troops under the Byzantine general George Maniakes, and which have left traces of Ligurian language in the current dialect. The city flourished under the Norman and Hohenstaufen domination, becoming a renowned center for production of ceramics.

The city was almost completely destroyed by the severe earthquake of 1693. Many public and private buildings have then been reconstructed in Baroque style. Primarily for this reason, the city has been inserted, together with the surrounding territory in an area protected by the UNESCO World Heritage program

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35 Km from Giucalem

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